The Hunt for Petite Jeans is Finally Over


Jumper - Navy at Topshop/ Jeans - Gap / Shoes - New Look

I always thought I was a 28inch leg...Topshop Petite jeans would always fit pretty well, although the 'ankle grazer' style never truly grazed my ankles. But on my hunt for a pair of non-skinny jeans, I found that even petite concessions couldn't deliver. Miss Selfridge versions were near on trailing the floor and Urban Outfitters 28" were actually over 35", I measured. M&S got close, until I learnt that they don't do a petite jean in anything smaller than a size 10 waist...not ideal. 

I went into a few Gap stores after hearing that they stocked petite sizes, but alas, my bad luck continued as they didn't have the styles I wanted in petite. Then I went online and saw that they did a 27" leg (HALLELUJAH) and the fact that these were meant to be slightly cropped meant that my 26" inseam (yes, you read that correctly) would finally have the pleasure of wearing some straight leg jeans. 

These are definitely my lazy-day, cant-be-bothered, run-around-work pair of jeans but I'm starting to experiment with dressing them up slightly too and loving how they look! 

Does anybody else love straight leg jeans at the moment? How are you styling them?


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