The Morphe 350M Palette


In the world of beauty bloggers and influencers, there seems to be a never-ending increase of products you 'need'. If you invested in all of them, your bank balance would diminish quicker than you can click 'Checkout' a seed of doubt is planted before each purchase is made, and the Cult Beauty wishlist continues to grow. 

I seem to have a habit of talking myself in and out of buying products, the Morphe 350M palette being a prime example. Whilst it's completely Insta-worthy in appearance, and creates the most beautiful looks all over YouTube, i'd also read bad things about the lack of pigmentation and amount of fall-out, and so put off buying this for months! 

I'm not sure what finally swayed me; maybe the Insta-Envy got the better of me, or the Cult Beauty 'Back In Stock' email made my heart race a little too much, but I purchased this bad-boy just before Christmas and I haven't regretted it for a second!

Fall out, Shmall out - That's what I say. I have travelled with this, used all sorts of brushes and created a hell of a lot of looks, and the fall-out is absolutely minimal. If I compare to my MAC palette, which I have to give a good old wipe every now and again, the fall out is ridiculously small from the Morphe 350M. 

Pigmentation? It's fantastic! Personally, I hate super super pigmented eyeshadows as I find them really hard to blend and my faded cut-crease resembles a 4 year old's finger painting. I think the consistency of these is bloody perfect! Super blendable, but rich in colour. Considering so many of the shades are so similar, the slight colour differences really show which really impresses me! 

So, if you're thinking of investing in one of these (and for the price, it really is an investment), I would hesitate no longer! And you don't need to just take my word for it-there's a hundred beauty bloggers saying the same thing! 


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