Barry M Lip Kit Review - Pose


I have to say, I'm not surprised Barry M have jumped on the lip-kit bandwagon. After the success of Kylie's, there was a definite demand for a drugstore brand to offer a version of, and Barry M have delivered with three colours. 

I had no idea about the launch of their lip-kits until I walked into Superdrug and saw them on the display stand. With no expectations, I decided to buy the light pink kit. Risky? Perhaps, considering the last few liquid lipsticks I've tried have been a disaster; New Look's are super drying and for some reason the NYX Lip Lingerie cracks on me after a lengthy 5 minutes. 

First off I tried the lip liner; super pigmented, super creamy. Actually, everything about this was beautiful. It's a pinky-brown nude, slightly dark to give your lips some definition and to contrast with the lighter-coloured liquid lipstick.  It lasted for a good few hours, even through eating and drinking, and applied as an all over colour makes for a beautiful look.

Then it was time to try the main product! I applied the liquid lipstick and was astounded at how light it was in comparison to the liquid lipstick! But as soon as I blended it, the colour was beautiful and seemed to look a little darker. The texture is incredibly creamy and best of all, no cracks!! For a lighter shade, this really impressed me and has stayed in my handbag now for a good week! 

Has anyone else tried the new Barry M Lip Kits? Have you seen any other brands offer something similar?

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  1. Barry M is such an under rated brand, I really want to try these! xx

  2. It sounds lovely - and so affordable too! That shade looks lovely on you :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x