The Importance of You-Time


My New Years Resolution is to get into yoga. I don't just mean to take a little bit of time each day to practise, I mean full on, handstand, leg behind head, 'how the hell did she get herself in that position' Yogi Bear. 

It's February and so far I think I've done two yoga sessions. Why? Because I don't make enough time for me. Whether it's work, making time to see all my friends, drinks with work colleagues, life admin or feeling like there are things I HAVE to do, I have barely had a moment to sit, breathe and think, 'what do I want to do today?'

Don't get me wrong, I love keeping busy and being social, but I think I've also forgotten what it's like to say no. No-one can do everything, it's impossible and it is exhausting trying to, and sometimes I think we need to be a little selfish and say 'do I really want to do this tonight?'. If I'm honest, I think in the last few weeks my answer would probably be 'no, I want to watch Silent Witness with a cup of bed'. 

So when ROOI reached out to me about working on a post together, I thought it could be the perfect opportunity to start the process of making more time for me. They are a lovely online store with incredible homewares such as candles and stationary and stock a variety of brands such as ... who made this fabulous yoga mat (although damn you for always making me want pizza). 

They also sent me this incredible candle from Paddywax. There's nothing I love more than lighting a candle and having a beautiful scent fill my really helps me relax and gives me that cosy feeling...especially in these Winter months. I have no idea how to describe scents, so I'm not going to try, but this does smell beautiful, fills my room quickly and looks gorgeous on my shelf.

The yoga mat is incredibly thick, doesn't slide all over the place and just makes me smile every time I roll it out...pretty perfect if you ask me. So instead of two sessions a month, I'm hoping I can make time for two a week this space, you'll see me balancing on my head in no time.

Do you make enough time for you? How do you find the time to do what you want? 


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