A Shaving Subscription Box? Review of Friction Free Shaving


I love a subscription box. I feel like you almost forget that you've paid for that little box of happiness, and you get a little present every month. Some surprise you, offering new products to sample and discover, but this one is different. This one you can count on. 

Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription box that completely takes the hassle out of your shaving routine. I bet we've all had those moments where you look at your old/rusty razor and think 'Yup, I need a new one'...but you just keep using it. Then you blame your body for rashes and bumps and enter a 'woe is me' where you begin thinking if you'll ever shave again...

...No? Just me? 

Well FFS solves all of these problems. In each box you get four razor heads, one for every week. Rashes and bumps come from old blades that have a build up of bacteria (oh yes, sexy talk)...and to get those polished pins, you need your razor super sharp and clean.

There are two options for your box, a three head razor for £5 a month and a five head razor for £8. You can also add a shaving cream to your order which smells absolutely divine (it's all coconuty and exotic) and gives you a really close shave due to no overbearing foaming.

It's mind blowing how this box is delivered to your door and yet you're still saving money. Disposable razors can be just as expensive and no-where near as luxurious, and one razor head in a well known brand can also exceed this price. 

I was so impressed with the razor itself. Mine is the Samantha, and gave me incredibly close shaves, no irritation and it looked really pretty (sorry, but this alwayyyys matters). 

I honestly can't believe this idea hasn't been done sooner as it is GENUIS! And I would seriously consider this a summer necessity, if not a life-time one. 

Has anybody else tried this? What do you think?? 

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