Why I'm Ditching Designer Perfumes


It never gets old - the moment when someone walks past and you catch a smell of their perfume (providing it's a lovely one of course). It can make the average person instantly more attractive, and can often make you wonder 'what the hell are they wearing?!'

I always have so much pride in reeling off the usual suspects - Chanel, Versace (Crystal Noir-I love you), Dior, Acqua Di Parma. But I've come to realise that they're just names, and whilst I love the scents, I can no longer justify spending £50 for 30ml of perfume (that's a semi-kind example). Of course, if I will always cherish my favourites and repurchase them from time to time - wearing them on special occasions and savouring every last drop, but my day-to-day smells have gone high-street; and a pretty life-changing move it's turned out to be.

Not only have I learned that high-street perfumes usually come in both travel and full sizes (my make-up bag thanks you greatly), but they pack a punch just like their expensive counterparts. Some last longer than others, of course, but isn't that always the case?

My current favourites are:

Zara - Luminous Flowers 
(daytime floral but not too sweet)

&Other Stories - Sardonyx Fire
 (a deeper, musky smell)

Primark - Rose Oud 
(a really nice combination of both musk and sweet scents)

My &Other Stories one lasts all day - it's actually incredible. So does my Primark one for that matter - meaning not only am I saving money on face value, but also less re-spritzing means a much longer perfume life!! The Zara one is a bit less long-wearing, but I feel that this is partly down to it not being a particularly strong scent to begin with. 

They also all look beautiful-bonus! Because let's be honest, we don't want it if it's not going to compliment your vanity or colour co-ordinated shelves. 

Oh, and I'm still getting people ask 'what perfume are you wearing?' - 

Satisfication 10/10.

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  1. I want to try these! I wish the Primark one was available in the states!