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'What to wear on a city break' is probably one of my most searched queries when it comes to lacking fashion inspo. It's always so hard to predict the weather, how dressy the scene is, how comfortable your shoes need to be and unfortunately even Ryan Air isn't up to scratch with cheap luggage nowadays, meaning the 'lightly' in packing lightly has never been more prevalent.

I went to Roma for a few nights with my friend and feel like these outfits served me well, day and night. Some basics paired with some fashion-lead pieces meant I was never out of a combo and always had a fallback for if my plans changed or the weather failed me.

To speak more of Rome - the Trastevere was definitely my favourite area. Spilling with bars and all of the gorgeous Italian food, we found ourselves heading back there on repeat. If we were to go again, I would definitely want to stay nearer there so our head back to the hotel at 3am wasn't quite so treacherous. If you were to go to one place there, I'd recommend 'Coffee Pot' - a very Instagram worthy cafe/bar that resulted in us dancing 3.8 miles that night (my step counter told me so)

We also loved the Spanish Steps and the surrounding area. On every street there was a gorgeous shop to explore or Ice Cream parlour to fuel our gluttonous needs. There was also a Sephora there... do I need to say more?

You can shop my wardrobe below. Any items I couldn't find, I have linked alternatives.

I'd love to know what your staples are for a city break and if you've ever been to Rome!

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